About Dr. Brigitte Monrose

Dr Brigitte MonrosseDr. Brigitte Monrose has been in Family Practice for over 35 years. She graduated from medical school at The University of Western Ontario in London, Ontario, Canada, completing her Internship at Hurley Medical Center in Flint, Michigan. Later, she became board certified with the College of Family Physicians of Canada. She owned and operated, with her husband as business manager, a medical clinic in Markham, Ontario, Canada for over 10 years.


Dr. Monrose’s quest to learn about Integrative or Functional Medicine began with a personal challenge brought on by menopausal changes. Traditional medicine did not offer “natural” approaches to a very “natural” process. This need led to a Fellowship in Integrative and Regenerative Medicine with The Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine and The Metabolic Medical Institute, which is in partnership with the George Washington University Department of Integrative Medicine. As she was learning, her family practice shifted into a more functional approach – looking for the root cause of dysfunction in her patients while developing a personalized approach. Her goal was to bring restoration towards optimal wellness through lifestyle changes to her patients along with replenishment of deficiencies in nutrition and hormones, blending conventional medicine with a more functional approach.


More recently, the desire to move to a warmer climate with her husband – an award-winning artist – and her son became a family goal. Discovering Dr. Evans and his staff unfolded into a perfect fit. They share the same mission statement and are passionate to see their patients enjoy quality of life no matter the season of life!


She is very thankful and excited to be part of the team at The Institute of Lifestyle, Preventive and Family Medicine.