What sets us apart from other weight management programs?

The Metabolic Weight loss program aims to correct the underlying metabolic imbalances that lead to weight gain in the first place. We have a wide range of options, which are individualized to your specific metabolic imbalances, unlike many medical weight management programs, which have a cookie-cutter approach to every patient. We will help you lose weight and recover your metabolism  using combinations of:

  • Physician evaluation aimed at correction of basic imbalances that prevent you from feeling your best.
  • Calorie and Carbohydrate restricted Medical Meal Plan consisting of 5 low calorie protein shakes during the day, and a nutritionally balanced dinner of your choice in the evening.
  • Optimizing of hormones (for example, thyroid), Wellness labs, Genetic testing when necessary.
  • Natural weight-loss supplements
  • Detoxification of the bowel and liver
  • HCG injections and other prescription medications when needed
  • Metabolism boosting and supplement injections
  • Exercise program individualized by a certified personal trainer if desired.
  • Life style modifications which help with stressors
  • Love and understanding: We are aware of the emotional strain that extra weight places on your life, so we approach each person individually with love and attention.

Why are you exercising and dieting and still carrying around extra weight?

Weight gain is caused by imbalances of hormones and nutrients, accumulation of toxins in the bowel and liver, which do not allow stubborn fat to be released, and stressors in the mind and body. Hence, we find ourselves faced with “stubborn” weight and fat, which is resistant to calorie restriction and exercise. This program is designed to restore optimal metabolic balance and give you back your shape!

Hormones: The main hormones responsible for weight gain are insulin, leptin (satiety hormone), cortisol (the stress hormone) and thyroid. As we age, our thyroid function declines but “insulin and leptin resistance”, and the additional stress that comes with age, causes insulin, leptin and cortisol to increase.   In times of stress, the picture is becomes even worse. We store fat in insulin-dependent areas such as the lower abdomen, thighs, under the arms and under the chin. When insulin and sugars swing low, approximately 30-60 minutes after a meal, we “crash” (i.e. cravings, severe fatigue, headache, dizziness).  The repeated “sugar rushes” over and over, causes insulin to be less effective over time (known as insulin resistance).  We try to compensate for this by making more and more insulin.  Both insulin and cortisol moves sugar (our fuel) into fat cells making them bigger.  As long is insulin is high, fat grows larger and our muscles and brain are starving for energy, causing profound fatigue.  Our fat also makes a hormone called Leptin, which signals the brain that we have had enough to eat.  Just as too much sugar all day causes insulin resistance, too many calories combined with stress (cortisol) causes Leptin resistance and increased Leptin levels.  Eventually, the brain no futile.  Specifically related to weight, toxins create an acidic environment leading to inflammation, which does not allow fat molecules to be eliminated from cells (i.e. oil will not mix with acidic vinegar). Additionally bowel toxins prevent the normal absorption of nutrients, which are required for hormone activation (insulin, thyroid, and cortisol) and the breakdown of fat, protein and carbohydrate.

12-week intensive phase

Based on your individual lab results, a customized treatment program will be created for you. In addition to a medical meal plan, supplements that address your individual hormone disturbances will be suggested.   The initial 12 weeks is intensive and will require weekly visits. The weight loss is rapid and is most pronounced in the belly area.  Fast and impressive changes in blood pressure, sugar and cholesterol levels will require close monitoring if you are taking medication.  Diabetic, lipid lowering and blood pressure medications are typically greatly reduced or eliminated.  Medical replacement programs enforce portion control.  This, along with a healthy meal plan in a medically supervised setting is critical for weight reduction. This phase may continue beyond the initial 12 weeks, if medically appropriate, to safely reach your goal. This phase includes:

  1. Nutritional supplements to boost metabolism, increase insulin and leptin sensitivity, fat metabolism and muscle support.
  2. Medications such as HCG, appetite suppressants (like phentermine) when appropriate,
  3. Injections with B-12/B-6/ methionine/inositol/choline
  4. Individual exercise program with personal trainer can be arranged as appropriate.  An exercise stress test is recommended if you have known risk factors before engaging in vigorous exercise.
  5. Behavioral tools,
  6. Love and understanding
  7. Lab testing is repeated at 12 weeks to document improvement in your metabolic markers and hormones.

Transition and Maintenance:

Anyone that has attempted to lose weight knows how difficult it is to lose weight and to maintain it. Thus, one of the most important parts of a comprehensive program is maintenance.

This phase will commence when you are close to your goal weight, gradually slowing down the rate of weight loss and shifting to maintaining a healthy weight. This program is medically supervised to maintain an optimal balance of hormones and nutrients while continuing to reduce toxins. The maintenance phase is individualized. If you have been taking prescription appetite suppressants, the physician may gradually decrease your dose as you transition.

When you have achieved your weight loss goal, we hope that you have incorporated all the information we have tailored specifically for you in your daily life so you can maintain a healthy weight.

Supplements and medications that may be used

Basic Nutritional Supplements
*covered in monthly fees


Essentials 5 in 1 (multivitamin/mineral)

Activates hormones and metabolism

Rx Omega (omega 3)

Anti-inflammatory effect

*7-keto DHEA

Increases muscle, decreases fat, increases metabolism

PureCleanse Liver

Increases Phase I and II detoxification reactions in liver and other tissues


Increases muscle and decreases fat storage

Optional Nutritional Supplements

Function +


  • Controls glucose levels
  • Stimulates insulin receptors


  • Controls glucose levels-blocks Leptin
  • Controls glucose swings
  • Lowers cholesterol


Increase fatty acid metabolism

PureCleanse Bowel 1 and 2
Herb & Fiber Formulas

  • Facilitates regular bowel movement
  • Detoxifies body tissues

Prescription medications


Nutritional injection (B12, B6, methionine, inositol and choline)

Increased energy level; stimulates utilization of carbohydrates and proteins; involved in fat breakdown; supports anti-oxidant pathways in the body

Appetite suppressants
(eg. Phentermine)

FDA-approved medications that affect brain neurotransmitters to decrease appetite


Proposed to support metabolic function by allowing metabolism of fat tissue +

+These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease.

*Results are not guaranteed and can vary for each individual

Cost of Program

The fee for your initial workup will be $300.00. This includes your medical examination, body composition analysis and measurements, EKG, extensive cardiovascular and wellness lab panels on initiation of the plan and at 12 weeks (CBC, CMP, Health Diagnostic panels and Singulex panels), a 45 minute conference regarding your lab results and your individualized weight loss plan.  Additionally, it includes a starter box of medical replacement meals in the flavor of your choice, and other starter items including exercise and food diaries measuring tape and mixing bottles.

You will then be required to meet on a weekly basis for the next 12 weeks at a cost of $35.00 per visitWe recommend maintenance visits on a monthly basis for the next year at the same cost.  On each of these visits, we will ask you to provide us with a diary of your main meals and the number of replacement meals consumed each day in the preceding week, as well as your fasting blood sugars if appropriate.  You will receive a “slimming shot” to replace essential nutrients and stimulate your metabolism, and body composition analysis and measurements will be made to document your progress.  We will discuss any personal obstacles that may be hindering progress, and make further suggestions regarding supplements or prescription medications so that you lose your weight effectively and safely.

The following are not included:

  1. Cost of initial bowel cleanse and detoxification ($117.00 for bowel cleanse I and II, and liver detox)
  2. Cost of Medical Replacement Meals (Approximately $12.00 per day to be ordered on line and delivered directly to your door).
  3. The cost of HCG, appetite suppressants and/or other prescription drugs;
  4. Cost of supplements that will protect you during calorie restriction (Essentials 5 in 1 ($29.00/month), and Rx Omega ($38.00/month), as well as other supplements directed towards correcting your specific metabolic imbalances (Vitamin D3 ($18.00/3 months), Irvinga ($49.00/3 months), CLA ($39.00/month, and gluco-X ($39.00/month)).
  5. Genetic testing to address general maintenance diet and exercise programs to fit your genetic predisposition, as well as specific eating disorders that can be inherited ($400.00).
  6. Cost of cardiopulmonary exercise stress testing ($500.00 (sometimes covered on insurance plans)) and personal trainers.c