Testimonial from Randy Whittington

As a result of several blood tests my doctor, Dr. Charles Evans, told me that if I did not change my ways and lose at least 40 pounds that I would be a diabetic in 3 months. It put the fear of God in me and I asked him what he recommended to lose the weight. He advised me of a program that he sponsored with Body Solutions and using protein shakes as meal replacements and one meal a day of no more than 500 calories. My first weigh in was very eye opening when I topped the scales at 262 pounds which was the heaviest weight of my life. My body fat content was a whopping 27 percent and I was told I was rated in the obese class and I did not like the sound of that word used on me. I began the journey of Phase I with the shake program of 5 shakes per day and one meal on August 26, 2012. I would see the doctor once per week during the 12 weeks of Phase I and receive a shot of vitamins each time I would visit the doctor and weigh in to record weight and body fat content on the special scales they have in the office. I have to be honest and say that it took a lot of prayer and willpower to stay on the shakes and one meal per day when I first started the program. It got a little easier after about 4 weeks in to the program. The shakes contained all of the protein and vitamins that body needed with the inclusion of one meal of no more than 500 calories. Oh did I mention you can have no bread, potatoes, rice or pasta plus no sugar during Phase I? The program really works and it teaches you how to eat healthier for a lifetime as well. I had my final weigh in on November 16, 2012 and my weight was 212 pounds with 19 percent body fat content for a final weight loss of 50 pounds in 12 weeks. I feel tremendously better and have more energy now than when I started the program. The challenge for me now will be to keep the weight off and continue to eat a more healthy diet for the rest of my life. My thanks go out to Dr. Evans and his staff for their support and encouragement every time I would meet with them on a weekly basis. I would recommend this program for anyone that needs to get healthy and lose weight and would be glad to discuss my success with you in more depth on how it worked for me.