Testimonial from Carrie Gordon

I was 396 pounds and struggling to lose weight. Though I tried more than a dozen ways to lose weight, I was unsuccessful, and I ended up gaining weight. I asked a co-worker if he knew of any doctors that could help me, and he told me about Dr. Evans.

I made an appointment as soon as possible. I was told about their Lifestyle Program, and I said, “Sign me up.” On this program, I got to talk to a lifestyle educator and a dietician about diet and exercise. I have a lot going on with my body including sleep apnea, food allergies, and leg problems. I must admit, it was a struggle to follow the exercise and diet plan at first, but I was determined.

Once I started losing weight and saw what I was doing was working, I wanted to do even more. Sometimes I lost 2 pounds or even 10 pounds each time I weighed in at my lifestyle visits. I told myself, “It’s okay if you only lose a little bit, just so you lose.” Seeing my friends around me go through their own weight-loss journeys inspired me to keep going, knowing that if they can do it, so can I.

My eating habits are better than before. I stopped eating all fried foods and cut down on all the sugary items. I don’t eat red meats or processed foods. I drink nothing but water, and I eat lots of fruits and vegetables.

I also found out I have several food allergies like gluten, corn, milk, and oats. It was a lot to take in, but I’m taking it one day at a time. I feel so much better now that I know about my food allergies.

My activity level has improved a lot since I started the Lifestyle Program. I’m doing Zumba classes, going to the gym, and trying to find ways to stay active through the day.

My sleep has improved since I’ve lost the weight.

My stress levels have improved a little, but I’m still working on that.

I am extremely motivated to keep making good lifestyle changes because I want to have a happier and healthier life with my family and friends. I am most proud of myself for sticking with the program and not giving up on myself. I have goals that will keep me moving forward with my journey to health while trying new things. So far, I have lost 121 pounds, and I’m only halfway through my journey. My confidence and self-esteem have risen much more than I expected. The changes within me are not only to my benefit, but to those who mean the most to me: my family and friends.