Testimonial from Jordan

My name is Jordan Pachicano, and on November 3, 2014, I weighed 311 lbs. I have always been a little chubby, but it wasn’t until after high school that I started to gain weight at an alarming rate. At first, I convinced myself that I wasn’t that big and would just go on a diet. But that never happened, and I kept getting bigger. I finally realized that it was time to lose weight and get into shape. I tried multiple diets but never had the motivation to stick with one. It wasn’t until my sister Jacki convinced me to make an appointment with Dr. Evans that things started to change.

My first visit with Dr. Evans was very eye opening. I didn’t realize how much trouble I was in. Dr. Evans explained everything to me in a way in which I could understand. He was very honest and straight forward, and that made me feel like he really cared about my well-being. He looked at me and said, “If you don’t change the way you eat, you are going to be in trouble in a few years.” Those words really resonated in me, and I decided to give the clinic’s lifestyle program a try. That has been the best decision I have ever made.

It has been about six months since that visit, and I have lost around 112 lbs. It has been hard. These things aren’t easy. But they are possible. No matter who you are, if you stick with it, you can do it too. Remember, it’s a lifestyle change and not a quick fix.

It’s a little crazy to think about where I was to where I am now. I owe my sister, Dr. Evans and his entire staff my life.