Why get Botox at Renewal Medical Aesthetics?

Botox before and after
Are you tired of wrinkles and crow’s feet?  Are you fed up with wrinkles and eager to improve your appearance?  We can help you reverse the aging process and release your inner beauty.

Dr. Evans has over 20 years experience with Botox injections and gives all the injections himself.  With arduous medical training at top medical schools and a physician’s knowledge of anatomy and a Board Certification in Aesthetics, he is a Botox injection expert.  Skilled Botox injections can’t be duplicated by employees who inject at some other offices.  Wouldn’t you feel safer having a doctor do it?

Botox injections:

The experienced hands of Dr. Evans create beautiful results every time.  Many patients worry about a frozen or unnatural look.  This belief stems from the result of inexperienced doctors and their staff participating in the beautifying practice.

Botox Treatment:

The Botox treatment only takes about 10 minutes with most patients seeing results within five days of treatment.  The final results can take up to two weeks in some patients.  The procedures we perform at Reflections Medical Aesthetics are for cosmetic purposes. We reduce wrinkles, perfect your image and boost your aesthetic confidence.