About Tracy Evans

Tracy Evans

Tracy is the director of the Lifestyle Program at the Institute and feels very fortunate to have Dr. Evans as her husband. She has earned several certifications including the Harvard Medical School’s American College of Lifestyle Medicine’s certification as a Lifestyle Educator. Her role is to integrate the pillars of Lifestyle Medicine by inspiring patients to move toward better health through nutrition, exercise, improved sleep and better stress resilience so that they can experience a better quality of life. Tracy says,

“When I was in my 30s, I was not healthy. I was carrying around too much body fat – about 85 pounds. I have a very small frame, and I was wearing a size 24. I had a business, a teenager, and a mother with chronic illnesses that I was caring for. During a visit to my doctor, I was told I may have a fatty liver and needed to have an uncomfortable test run at the hospital. There, they stuck a very long needle into my side and pulled out a section of my liver, and they let me look at it. I could see the fat in the sample. Soon afterward, my mother passed away from heart disease associated with obesity. That’s when I had a wake-up call that I needed to change my lifestyle.

Today, in my early 60s, I have lost those 85 pounds. I feel so much better that I forget at times that I’m not still in my 30s. In 2013, I decided to make a career change and started my certifications as a Lifestyle Educator; I wanted to help people move through the process of making the lifestyle changes that I made, but too quickly, in a more evidence-based and healthy way.

As a side note, I know that my mother, had she been able to go through a program like the one we offer at The Institute, she would have been with me for many more years.

It is very much a privilege to meet with my lifestyle patients each week!”

Dr. Evans and his wife, Tracy, live in East Texas with their English Golden Retriver (Bodhi), two rescue dogs (Rocsi and Mia). Between the two, they have three grown children who live all over North America.

Dr Evans and wife Tracy Evans