About Dr. Charles Evans M.D., Ph.D

Dr Charles EvansDr. Charles Alexander Evans began his career in Canada as an academic physiologist (MSc., PhD), authoring 16 publications. He subsequently graduated from medical school in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, and completed an internship at McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario, in 1985.

He has been a general/family practitioner since that time, moving to the United States in 1993 with five children. He started a practice in Beaumont, looking for better opportunities for his family in Texas. Eventually, he owned and managed a 105-employee multi-specialty practice there.

Wanting to learn more about integrative medicine and aesthetics, he sold his Beaumont practice in 2003 and moved to Lufkin, Texas, to set up a practice that combined evidence based integrative and mainstream medicine. Since then, he has become board certified in aesthetics (2010). Most recently, he became board certified in lifestyle medicine (2017).

He is the owner, CEO and physician at The Institute for Lifestyle, Preventive and Family Medicine. Wanting to be on the frontline with the new paradigm of medical delivery, he has spent countless hours continuing his education as a Fellow of A4M (The American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine) and MMI (Metabolic Medical Institute), which is in partnership with George Washington University’s Department of Integrative medicine. He is presently a Diplomat of The American Association of Integrative Medicine and American Board of Lifestyle Medicine.

His mission at The Institute is to educate and help his patients improve their quality of life through wellness programs and lifestyle changes using all of the instruments that he has in his medical bag of acquired knowledge. Dr. Evans’ pet phrase is, “I don’t want to put a band aid on a patient’s medical condition; I want to find out what is causing the problem and fix that!”

Dr. Evans and his wife, Tracy, live in East Texas with their English Golden Retriever (Bodhi), a Siberian Husky (Mia) and a Maltipoo (Rosci). Between the two, they have three grown children who live all over North America.

Dr Evans and wife Tracy Evans

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