Our Mission Statement

For people who have not found answers in other places, we help navigate and find solutions for difficult and chronic health issues. Our approach utilizes cutting-edge diagnostics, long visit times, and deep and inquisitive listening, all culminating in 100% individualized patient-specific treatment plans. Additionally, this system helps empower patients to learn how to experience a lifestyle which moves them away from chronic and debilitating disease towards adaptability and vitality.


Our mission is to serve the highest expression of individualized patient care while delivering quality lifestyle, preventive and acute care medicine. In doing so, our mission is to greet our patients with courtesy and respect.

Our sick patients will be treated efficiently with care, compassion and quality medical principles.

It is our sincere vision to impact the quality and longevity of all our patients’ lives. Our care will focus on education as to the causes of illness and to help prevent or reverse them where possible through integrative and lifestyle guidance, personalized care and, when needed, medication.


For patients with a goal to become healthier, we have a Lifestyle Program for patients who have or are at risk of having diabetes or heart disease. We can also help you take off extra weight. Chronic illness is not only controllable but most of the time it is at least partially reversible. In this program, patients are seen weekly, reviewing topics that include nutrition, exercise, sleep and stress resilience, which are one-on-one sessions with one of our three Harvard trained Lifestyle Educators (Tracy Evans, Brittany (Pixie) Hall and Katie Collins).

We also do cardiometabolic testing to assess your baseline. We offer neurological testing as it applies to memory problems and, if needed, schedule a follow up appointment with helpful protocols you can follow. We also address quality of life with our postmenopausal patients, which can be treated with bio-identical hormone replacement therapy.

medical cross, personalized medicineWe have the capability to test and effectively treat and even reverse environmental allergies. We also perform aesthetic procedures, which include Botox, fillers, tattoo removal, face tightening, etc. And in the spirit of all primary care practices, we have a nurse practitioner (Hillary Sparks), that addresses the day to day urgent care and physical examination needs of our patients.
We greet all our patients with friendship and courtesy. Whether a patient comes to us because they are ill and need to see one of our Nurse Practitioners for treatment or a patient comes in for Lifestyle appointments or testing, they are treated efficiently throughout their visit with care, compassion and quality medical principles.

It is our sincere vision to impact the quality and longevity of all our patients’ lives. Whenever you come to us, our goal is to help you get the best available advice on lifestyle habits that will help you attain your highest quality of life.